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Chapter III Glish version: Feline Guardian

Chapter Three “Glish” version
Feline Guardian
The Little fairy bee can’t sleep. A new special day is just about to start and the night sounds are different. She is about to suffer a dangerous curiosity attack.

It is dawning on the day her mother completes her forty three full moons and Beebusch needs to know all about it right now; especially who or what is making that weird sound on her pine house roots for the last three nights. She is afraid it could be the “Hairy Moths”. They had been talking about them with her best friend Lilydee.  They come in the middle of the night to take misbehaved fairies wrapping them in her black dusty hairy wings. At least that’s what they heard from teenager fairies at the magic school, those who use raspberry powder in her cheeks to look even prettier.

She knows she must go back to bed but her tongue can’t simply stop pushing her loose front tooth. Sleep is not coming back any time soon. Momma B is having a party with her bee clan at noon and she is thinking there might be a caramel cake in the oven and fried milk ice cream in the making. She decides to get up and go exploring.  

Her house looks quite different with the full moon’s light. Its shiny rays play with the shadows like if it was a new sun in a dark night. She could even write without using candles. For a moment she images how her forest would be if life was lived at night and she gets hypnotized watching the owl turning around his head through an open window.

Her family is sound sleep but she decides to be courageous and go give her curiosity a chance. While going down the stairs she enjoys the familiar wood cracking noises underneath her bare food. Behind the kitchen ovens where Momma B prepares their daily meals is the mine’s iron door. Beebusch promised never go down there by herself but this was a high risk family security operation.

The mine is a dangerous place and to go down there everyone must wear an acorn helmet. Big animal footsteps can make the mine walls shake and protection is required. Although every helmet is way too big for her tiny fairy head she picks her father’s one and following previous training hides thoroughly her antennas and what’s left of her braids after half a night sleep. Long straight stairs lead to the mine’s entrance. The thick left side metal railing is like a slide used for Momma B to take heavy things down to the mine or pulled them up back home with little effort. Tonight it is the playground Beebusch always wanted it to be to take her down the mine like a shooting star collecting a brand new bruise in her leg and two scratches.

The mine’s wood door is thick and heavy and has the most wonderful carvings. Animals, fairies and happy goblins arranged in rows frame the handle. The silver key is still there and turns around like a knife on butter. But the door is way too heavy and must be pushed with her relaxed sting and surrounded areas; that special part of her body that Momma B can stand naked without pinching in a flash. After two attempts with no results and a bit of cursing learned from her father, she decides to give her new magic a try. Closing her eyes and holding her breath while pushing says: “More power will come to a willing heart that to a stubborn mind” and the door suddenly opens.

Her huge black eyes look astonished. She couldn’t believe magic actually works when needed but the beauty of this new space was something else. It was a white space, as fair as her goblin bother’s belly, with a tall conic ceiling framing the light of the full moon a star. That star where her Grandfather Cheche lives, since she last saw him last summer.  On the marble floor there is the family seal, like the one she always wears in her necklace and at the front three carved crystals doors with gold handles. Suddenly, she gets scared with her own reflection. Instead of a well groomed fairy bee she looks more like a spider mushroom. Since she was very little she’s always have this baby hair framing her face, refusing to stay still even with the sugar water prepared by Momma B for stubborn hair. Well, that “out of place” fairy hair inside and “way too big” acorn helmet with hydrangea pajamas bottoms sure reflects on a polished surface a hallucinating image.

Beebusch looks through the first door and her heart starts to beat a little bit faster. She feels a warm breath close to her ears and the blood raising fast to her cheeks. Her spider mushroom shadow has turned now into a whiskered monster. She feels like screaming and crying but just before that the assuring voice of her mother says:

-“Peppper Rose Stop, let her go!”

Confused in between her tears and hidden inside her mother’s arms the little fairy doesn’t know what to think or what to do. It is hard to see through her many tears while she struggles to understand what happened. Doesn’t know quite well the size of the trouble she is in. Slowly but surely she focus on her mother’s face and sweet voice saying:

-     Beebusch, this is Pepper Rose. The feline guardian of the mine. What you have dreamed of for so long. Our own cat like the guardians in the Suesca Castle back in the mountain range.

Her sadness turned into a smile with the magical speed a child can only have to forger sorrows and she felt like the happiest fairy in the forest.

The Mine’s Minister grants a Feline Guardian when the magic of a jeweler has become too powerful. To protect their home and family, and most of all to guaranteed that the fine amulets a jeweler makes get to the proper fairies or goblins. Momma B hard work was paid off. It was all part of her secret project; all task had to be completed before her forty three full moons.

Since it was getting late on an early morning, it was time for Beebusch to say good night to Pepper Rose and return to bed. Momma B took her daughters hand to tell her briefly about her secret project. Standing on top of the family seal that recreates their wings shape and striped fairy legs, one can see the three magical doors placed at the same distance; each of them with a short sign on top and a very simple word.
The first one says CREATE, the second one MAKE and the third one GIVE. For two of them to be open the feline guardian has to seat on top of the family seal pushing with her front legs the rubies placed as antennas. Soon after that the gold handle of the door with shine by itself allowing the visitor to turn the lock’s key and get in.

Mother and daughter enter the GIVE chamber and the little fairy bee cannot understand the reason why herself appears all around in posters and papers, boxes and ribbons, cards and stamps. Light blue boxes of many sizes are stacked in a production line. Red ribbons or various types, satin bags, handmade cortex papers with Beebusch’s picture wearing her favorite outfit, diffused wings, braids, magnet boots and medallion. All the white walls filled with tiny crystal drawers.

Momma B gets down to her daugther’s eye level and with tears in her eyes says:

-     “This is because of you and for you my little fairy bee. What I am and what I do so our life with a sting could become a bit easier. From now on we are going to share our magic with the world.”

Feeling herself like the most famous fairy of a full moon night, she finally goes back to bed. Speculating about what to tell her friends first and wondering if her gobbling bother will finally feel jealous about her.

Momma B promises to show her by the end of the day what’s behind the other two doors…

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